Our comprehensive website is currently under construction. If you would like further information about the courses we offer please contact us.

Clean Vehicles Training Institute EEIG
Avenue Louise 200 (Box 113)
1050 Brussels

Telephone: +32.2.649.1109
Email: info@cleanvehicletraining.com

We offer four main categories of training, but can tailor all our materials and choose the right combinations of trainers to meet your needs.

  • Policy - laws, regulations, standards for policy makers, trade organisations, NGOs and lobbyists
  • Commercial - marketing, commercialisation for investors, corporate strategy and consultants
  • Safety - safety in handling clean fuels for all areas of the industry. Specialist safety courses for fire-fighters and safety officers
  • Technical - technical and process best practice for manufacturers, engineers, mechanics and drivers

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Our courses range from one-day overviews to a 5-day in-depth skills development course. Please contact us with your needs to we can design the optimal course for you.


Our courses are held at your site.


Most of our trainers train in English. We do offer other languages; please contact us for more information.